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Half service


Staff help to take your laundry out from washing machine or dryer and put in your laundry bag or basket

Full service

This service including washing powder and softener, wash and drying cost. Staff will help to load your laundry in washing machine, add detergent and softener, transfer your laundry to dryer after wash, and put in you bag or basket after drying. This does NOT include folding cost, please ask staff for further information about folding service and cost

folding service


Staff help to fold your laundry and put back in your bag or basket. The cost depending on how big is your load and it starts from $8.00. Please ask staff for any enquiry


Drop your items at the shop for ironing. We iron from business shirts and trousers to dresses , household items such as pillow cases, sheets, table cloths. Please ask staff for any enquiry

dry cleaning

Please check PRICES for dry cleaning cost. we dry clean clothings, household items such as duvets, pillow cases, sleeping bags, curtains. Ask staff for URGENT dry cleaning service.

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